Friday, April 2, 2010


...degrees. Not years, thank goodness. I think this might be the coldest birthday I have ever celebrated.

Just as a reminder that it is indeed spring, I snapped a quick photo of the daffodils outside this morning when I was walking Dottie. They've been in bloom for several weeks now and won't be around much longer.

Well, this photo is not my best work. It is raining and Dottie was NOT happy about standing in the cold and wet waiting for me to finish taking photos. I even got the growly, chatty pre-bark as a warning. Funny.

Anyhoo, gotta get ready to head out. I am having brunch with my wonderful friend, Kate, who happens to be on vacation this week. Then, I am off to the salon for a haircut. The day is off to a good start.


Debra said...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!!

A Birthday greeting to our wonderful, beautiful daughter. Staishy, we love you bunches and miss you so very much...wish we were there right now.

We hope you have a great birthday,
With love - Mom and Dad

P.S. Take a picture of your new hair and send it to us. I hope you leave it long.

Daina said...

happy happy birthday!

Staishy Bostick Siem said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes! It's been a wonderful day.

Clarice said...

I finally found the right place to wish you a Happy Birthday. And, oh yes, Billy does not have a Fairy room anymore. The Fairies are all gone and it looks more like a guy room. Love Ya'll, Grandma

Billy said...

Well i suppose mother is right - it isn't a fairy room anymore. Certainly far from the "bachelor pad" but its worth every penny i pay for it! Staishy - Happy Birthday. Mother - Thank You - seriously.