Sunday, October 24, 2010


I guess the nesting phase has begun. Sean and I found this super cute whale fabric a couple of weekends ago. We thought it might become a crib sheet, but I decided today to make it into a lovey blanket instead.

So, on our errand adventures today, we went to the fabric store and bought some amazingly soft faux mink-type orange fabric for the back and coordinating ribbon to make tags all around the edges. I hear tags and textures are really popular among Little Ones so hopefully these features will be a hit with our kid, too.

I want to do a little quilting hand work, but it's mostly done. What do you think?


Sean said...

I think it rocks! I just hope the lil'drooler appreciates your handiwork!

Alton said...

I like it! Those whales look fun, and the orange one looks really soft.

Daina said...

Speaking from a blankie expert, I think this will be perfect. I really like the ribbon- that will be excellent in the mouth and a good handle for dragging, making capes, and hanging on everything! Good work! I can't wait to see it! The blanket too hehe. I'm going to the fabric store soon- I'll keep and eye on cute fabrics!

Anonymous said...

I like it - a lot! I like the colors, the fabrics, everthing. The theme of whales is cute, too, considering where you live. Please let us know when you decide on colors for the nursery; the colors in this lovey/comfy/blankie are pretty darn cute and quite refreshing.

Love Mom/Gram

Lynn said...

I love the whales!Baby should be indoctrinated into the "I love all things beachy and oceany"ASAP.I will make it my responsibility to nurture the love of water/ocean/sea life and of course seashells,you guys won't have to worry about that aspect of baby raising at all!!Mimi

Anonymous said...

It looks like a lot of hard work and love went into it. I can hardly wait to see "Little One".

Love Dad/Grandpa (NOT Boompa!)