Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has always been one of my very favorite holidays. What's not to love? You get celebrate all the many things to be thankful for, spend time with loved ones and friends and eat lots of good food.

This year, Sean and I decided to try something new. We started our day with pumpkin waffles drizzled with warm butter and honey and peppered bacon.

Then, we participated in the Seattle Turkey Trot, a 5K fun run/walk benefiting the Ballard Food Bank. We had a lovely time (with the exception of having to climb two extremely steep sets of stairs to get from the parking lot to the registration area. Holy Cow - it was like climbing Everest). We were able to enjoy a leisurely walk through neighborhoods and along the Burke Gilman trail all with a view of Puget Sound blanketed in fog. We were back home by 11 a.m., plenty of time to get Thanksgiving dinner underway.

As we speak, the turkey is roasting and about half a dozen side dishes are poised and ready to go into the oven. How is your holiday going?


Sean said...


Hon, you really outdid yourself this year. Potatoes that I'd happily kill for, a meal bursting with great flavors and a multitude of wonders (hand whipped cream & amaretto? don't mind if I do!) - you really made it a great day.

Smoochies, HUZZAH, and cheers love.

Alton said...

I have to say, I enjoyed the Thanksgiving season this year. First, I got to see my big sister and brother-in-law. I also like that because ya'll came to town a couple of weeks before Turkey Day, the two gorge-fests had plenty of digesting time between them to lose some of the weight before filling back up. This extra time also made it more relaxed. Multiple family get-togethers in one holiday weekend should be a sin. I'm not even the one that does tons of work and its stressful to me. Maybe one of these days I'll have a house with the room to host Thanksgiving. Of course that will also have to be a year when Staishy and Sean can come.

Staishy Bostick Siem said...

That sounds fabulous - we'd love to come! Of course, I hope we can host you all in Seattle one year, too.

We definitely have so much for which to be thankful.