Thursday, September 24, 2009

Free museum day

The Smithsonian's annual Free Museum Day is this Saturday! In case you aren't familiar with this amazing annual tradition, each year the Smithsonian partners with museums all across the country to provide free admission. It is a wonderful way to reconnect with museums in your area or even check out museums you haven't visited yet.

Sean and I really look forward to free museum day. It should be declared a national holiday. What can I say, we are museum junkies.

One year, we went to Experience the Music Project and Science Fiction Museum (which is actually one location, despite the misleading name). The admission is usually quite pricey, so it was the perfect opportunity to visit. As it turned out, this was really not one of our favorite museums and was surprisingly touristy. At least we were able to save our museum dollars for other venues.

Another year, we visited the Seattle Art Museum's Asian Art Museum. It has a wonderful collection and is in a great old, art deco building. What a fun day!

This year, I think we are going to visit the Museum of History & Industry. It is a well-respected museum for Seattle and Puget Sound history, and I can't believe we've lived in Seattle for almost three years and have never been.

Sean has been dying to see the Museum of Flight - we might actually have to pay for that museum. Or go on first Thursday evening when the museums are free and open late ... We are so lucky to live in a city that values cultural and educational opportunities and makes them so accessible.

What museum will you visit on free museum day?

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