Thursday, September 17, 2009

Giving blood

I was fortunate that my afternoon meeting ended early today so I decided to celebrate by giving blood at the donation center three blocks over. It was my second donation of the summer and the most delightful and relaxing experience.

I walked into the blood donation center, flashed my donor ID card, answered a bunch of screening questions and was taken to the donation area with absolutely no wait. The phlebotomist took my things and helped me into a large, cushy recliner chair where she hooked me up to the donor bag.

Six minutes later, my little bag was full and I was on my way to the kitchen where the grandmotherly volunteer fed me a cookie, pretzels, two cups of juice and a glass of water before she would allow me to leave. She was cute and gave me a great excuse to gobble yummy treats.

It was definitely a worthwhile afternoon. I highly recommend that you rush right out and donate to your local blood bank. They always need donations, even if you are a lowly A positive blood type like me.

Happy giving!


Sean said...

I'm so proud that you do this! :)

Debra said...

Ditto, Staishy, I'm so proud of you, too, but for many reasons. You always do what's right - You're like a warrior princess with culinary skills.

Alton said...

That's cool. I used to donate blood, but have developed almost a phobia of after the donation. It always makes me feel so drained (go figure), and that arm always feels dead for the rest of the day. That bothers me, so I always avoid it. I wish I did, because I know it's very helpful. The last time I did it though I did the whole blood which is supposed to be better. I'm sure you know but its basically the opposite of donating plasma (which sucks). The hook you up to the machine, drain some blood, run it through a centrifuge (sp?), pump the plasma back in and the red blood cells to a bag, then the process starts all over again several times. That one is extra bad, but good for people who need it.

Staishy Bostick Siem said...

I've never donated plasma and have heard it's a harder so kudos to you. I have just been a whole blood kinda girl. Thanks for the support, everyone.