Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor-less day

I am lucky enough to have the Labor Day holiday off and plan to spend today doing as little as possible.

I have some sourdough rising as we speak. I ran out of bread flour and being too lazy to run to the store mid-production, I substituted about half a cup of white whole wheat flour during kneading. I don't think it should alter the taste too much, but we'll see.

Other than finishing the sourdough and watching a movie with Sean this afternoon, I have no plans. What about you? How will you be spending Labor Day?

Yesterday, I combined my efforts to improve my bean-making skills with a much needed chore: cleaning out the freezer. We had accumulated dozens of partial bags of stuff that, by themselves, amounted to nothing. So I decided to throw it all in a casserole dish together and came out with Freezer Round-up Beans.

I made half a pound of chickpeas and mixed in the following freezer remnants: two tablespoons of tomato paste, two chopped chiles in adobo sauce, about 1/4 teaspoon of chopped jalapeno, a hand full of chopped broccoli, two hand fulls of chopped spinach, about a quarter cup of chopped red onion and about a cup of bean cooking liquid. On top, I sprinkled bread crumbs made from three pathetic-looking whole wheat bread heels.

After about an hour in the oven, it came out smelling smokey and spicy. A couple of dashes of Tabasco sauce, and it was actually pretty tasty. A bonus because I had already resolved to take the beans for lunches this week, and it would have been a long week if the experiment had been a flop.

After dinner, Sean and I had a sweet craving and decided to make apple turnovers out of a couple of apples in the fridge that were past their prime.

I am not very good at making pastries and was grateful to have Sean's help. Alas, we won't be expecting a call from any of the major cooking magazines to show off our results anytime soon. Let's just say the turnovers tasted good and were made with love.


Sean said...


Hear me world: Staishy doesn't brag about her cooking masterpieces because she knows I DON'T WANT TO SHARE. I take a more ruthless tact: She makes amazing stuff, and with few exceptions, IT'S MINE. YOU CANNOT HAVE ANY. MINE MINE MINE.


Daina said...

I labored hard that day! i want apple turnovers! I cant wait for our date this evening!