Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dinner: Halibut with pasta and steamed broccoli

After yesterday's less than spectacular dinner, Sean and I decided to pull out an old favorite that we knew we'd love: halibut over linguine and steamed broccoli. This is a recipe we discovered earlier this summer and have continued to refine until it's our version of perfect. It's healthy, yummy and quick.

Sprinkle the halibut with fresh cracked pepper and a small bit of kosher salt, then pan grill it in a little bit of olive oil for about three minutes on each side. Meanwhile, steam the broccoli and boil fresh linguine (this only takes about five minutes).

Fresh linguine is very important because it takes such a prominent role in the meal. So spring for the good stuff, you'll be glad you did.

Toss the linguine with one tablespoon each of pasta water and olive oil, about a teaspoon of fresh cracked pepper and
about a quarter cup of Parmesan cheese.

And for dessert ... fresh watermelon. Sean is the designated watermelon chooser in our household - he always manages to pick the good ones. Every watermelon he has ever brought home has been sweet and juicy and brilliant red. Seeing him walk through the door with a watermelon in his hands always makes me giddy.

With summer winding down in Seattle, it makes me sad to think that this watermelon could be my last of the season. I guess it gives me something to look forward to for next year.

What is your favorite summer food or treat?


Sean said...

There will always be another summer, and another batch of watermelons hon. Great dinner!

Daina said...

favorite summer treats:
melon of any kind!
iced tea
ice box pie!
being more naked

summer may be coming to an end, but there are so many fall and winter treats! seeing beautiful pumpkins everywhere is a treat even before I get to roast the seeds!

Debra said...

Being more naked?

Anyway, watermelon is also at the top of my list, along with:
fresh peaches
any and all melons
macaroni salad
shrimp salad (louie)
gelatin salad of any variety

Staishy Bostick Siem said...

Oh, I forgot about pumpkins! That's definitely something to look forward to. And gelatins are lovely - I might have to whip up a gelatin/angel food cake this weekend.

Alton said...

Hmmm, summer treats? I would say barbecue, but I barbecue year round, not just summertime. Prob would still if it got to 50 below. All I have to do is get a snow shovel and clear a path to the smoker. I'll pass on the watermelon (not a fan), but peaches are wonderful.