Saturday, August 22, 2009

The fun comes to an end ... for now

Our amazing and fun-filled vacation with Daina and Paul officially came to an end today. This time last week, I was giddy with excitement in anticipation of their visit. Today, I am sad because the week melted away so very quickly.

Sean and I dropped them off at the airport a couple of hours ago, and they are now making their way home. I hope they have a safe and uneventful journey. I already miss them so.

We had such a good time this week - we went to the zoo, aquarium, science center (all thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, who nurture our inner nerdiness with cool memberships - we are so lucky), ate lots of good food, listened to good music, saw movies and played lots of games. It's hard to imagine a more enjoyable week.

It was wonderful meeting and getting to know Paul. He is exactly the man I would have chosen for my sister (if she had needed my help, which she clearly didn't because she did a good job picking him all on her own), and he seems to make her so very happy. He is smart and witty and has an incredible sense of humor. He's a wonderful addition to our family.

Thank you, Daina and Paul, for sharing your graduation trip and for spending your summer vacation with us in Seattle. We love you.

Now, to leave you with one of my favorite pictures of Sean and Paul from the week (aren't they cuties?).


Debra said...

Staishy, you describe everything so eloquently. Thank you for the wonderful updates of your week with Daina and Paul. I love you all!

Staishy Bostick Siem said...