Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ginormous pot

See my newest find? The ginormous blue earthenware pot - not the spotted bebbie (she's been part of our family for almost six years!).

Sean and Dottie were walking me home from the bus stop when he noticed this pot sitting by the garbage can in the garage. It's the kind that goes for like 30 bucks in the garden store. I was so excited to find it, especially after a long, crummy day at work.

Judging from the poorly planted cigarette butts that Sean emptied from the pot, we can only guess that the pot's previous owners were disappointed from the poor results of their cigarette-tree experiment. You'll notice Dottie was kind enough to model the proportions.

Any suggestions for what I should plant?


Debra said...

I don't know what else you have growing, in the way of herbs, maybe either more basil or possibly some thyme? Apollo would enjoy some catnip.

What else? I am not familiar with what grows this late in Seattle, but I believe carrot and broccoli starter plants would be nice.

Alton said...

That is one pretty niece that I have! As far as the pot goes, I'm guessing by looking at it that it is about 15"w X 20"h? What general ideas do you have for new pot residence (i.e. vegetable/herb, flowers, greeny stuff)? If its veggies, do you like peppers? I go through a lot of bell peppers myself and would love to grow some. Strawberries maybe? Perhaps a small shrub such as a Dwarf Yaupon Holly could be pretty, but not very colorful. Hope this helps.

Debra said...

I vote for a bay laurel (shrub size)!