Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A lunchtime escape

My friend, Kate, and I often escape the office during lunch to take a quick 30-minute walk. Inevitably, we choose to head toward Lake Union (mostly without even realizing that's where we are going), and I never get tired of this route.

Today was a particularly pretty day at the lake - I am sure the boaters we saw agree.

Being near the water - so close that I can actually visit at lunchtime - is something I truly love about Seattle and something I was never able to experience in Dallas/Fort Worth (being in the middle of the prairie and all).

What's your favorite way to spend lunch on a weekday?


Sean said...

My favorite lunch? On my patio, looking at our mountain ;)

Alton said...

That's beautiful. I think I know what my favorite would be now.

Debra said...

Mine would be similar, except it would be an ocean view with my toes in the sand.

Alton said...

Or maybe even a mountain view.

m.e. said...

What a beautiful and relaxing way to spend the lunchhour! This gives me a great idea for a future midday escapade. Thanks again.